Brady Hunt


I am a Research Scientist in the Optics in Medicine lab at Dartmouth, where I work on AI-powered imaging systems for real-time treatment guidance in radiotherapy, surgery, and dermatology applications. I believe that Data-centric AI is the most promising pathway to achieve AI adoption in medicine. I seek to deeply understand how data (particularly image/video) informs decision making in both high- and low-resource healthcare settings and where AI-powered tools can be most transformative. I bridge multiple domains of engineering to bring sensors, data, ML and clincians together in conducting my research at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Prior to joining Dartmouth, I completed my PhD in Bioengineering under the mentorship of Rebecca Richards-Kortum at Rice University. At Rice, I led efforts to transform cervical cancer prevention using point-of-care imaging technologies in medically underserved populations. I was fortunate to spend time working in three different cancer centers in Brazil, El Salvador, and Mozambique. Prior to my work at Rice, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Biophysics magna cum laude from Brigham Young University.

Latest News

Jan 2022 Accepted a position as a machine learning scientist and junior faculty in Radiation Oncology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock! (Faculty Slide)
Nov 2021 My research on a low-cost, compact smartphone attachment for fluorescence measurements of the skin was published in Biomedical Optics Express! Find it here.
Sep 2021 Presented my work on deep-learning based cine MRI image registration for target tracking during radiotherapy at CMIMI 2021. (Abstract/Slides)
Apr 2021 Co-authored a review article with colleagues in the biomedical optics community summarizing the state of Deep Learning in Biomedical Optics.
Apr 2021 My review article on Smartphone-based Imaging in Medicine with Brian Pogue and Alberto Ruiz was featured by SPIE! (Press/Publication)
Feb 2021 My work on deep-learning based gantry motion artifact reduction was accepted to the Young Investigator’s session at the AAPM Spring Clinical meeting! (Announcement/Video)
Feb 2021 Our 1,600 patient prospective trial on automated diagnosis using high-resolution microendoscopy using computer vision was accepted for publication at IJC.
Oct 2020 Attended MICCAI 2020 virtually and took 3rd place in the MONAI bootcamp COVID-19 X-ray challenge.
Sep 2020 Joined the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth as a research scientist in the Optics in Medicine group!
May 2020 Defended my PhD thesis at Rice! (Slides/PDF)

Research highlights

  1. Ultracompact fluorescence smartphone attachment using built-in optics for protoporphyrin-IX quantification in skin
    Hunt, Brady, Streeter, Samuel S, Ruiz, Alberto J, Chapman, M Shane, and Pogue, Brian W
    Biomedical Optics Express 2021
  2. Developing diagnostic assessment of breast lumpectomy tissues using radiomic and optical signatures
    Streeter, Samuel S, Hunt, Brady, Zuurbier, Rebecca A, Wells, Wendy A, Paulsen, Keith D, and Pogue, Brian W
    Scientific reports 2021
  3. Deep learning in biomedical optics
    Tian, Lei, Hunt, Brady, Bell, Muyinatu A Lediju, Yi, Ji, Smith, Jason T, Ochoa, Marien, Intes, Xavier, and Durr, Nicholas J
    Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 2021
  4. High frame rate video mosaicking microendoscope to image large regions of intact tissue with subcellular resolution
    Hunt, Brady, Coole, Jackson, Brenes, David, Kortum, Alex, Mitbander, Ruchika, Vohra, Imran, Carns, Jennifer, Schwarz, Richard, and Richards-Kortum, Rebecca
    Biomedical Optics Express 2021
  5. Cervical lesion assessment using real-time microendoscopy image analysis in Brazil: The CLARA study
    Hunt, Brady, Fregnani, José Humberto Tavares Guerreiro, Brenes, David, Schwarz, Richard A, Salcedo, Mila P, Possati-Resende, Júlio César, Antoniazzi, Márcio, Oliveira Fonseca, Bruno, Santana, Iara Viana Vidigal, Macêdo Matsushita, Graziela, and others,
    International journal of cancer 2021